“It’s your home away from home. Hotels understand this philosophy and that’s why the majority and the best choose Simmons.”

In the hospitality industry, hotel services are no longer rated on intangible services alone, but also the quality of tangible services such as the quality of the bed.

At Simmons, we are able to cater to every hotel’s needs, i.e. to deliver the ultimate, premium Do-Not-Disturb mattress that ensures your hotel guest a good night’s sleep that is close to the home experience. Your guest, regardless traveling on business or leisure, would literally love to bring a piece of Simmons bed home after their stay.

For decades, Simmons has been equipping hotels with perhaps the single most important item in their guest rooms – the bed. So it is not surprising that the Simmons® Beautyrest® mattress is featured in fine hotels and resorts around the world. The Heavenly Bed®, a runaway success for Westin® Hotels and Resorts, is by Simmons.

Top names such as Westin® Hotels and The W Hotel in the luxury hospitality industry choose Simmons because they understand the requirements of their discerning customers who rate a good night’s sleep as most important. That’s why we work with the very best in the industry to bring the ultimate sleeping experience that can only be described as heavenly. In short, we are the preferred choice of major hospitality groups in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.

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