e-Ion CRYSTAL™ Technology


The revolutionary e-Ion CRYSTAL™ technology brings multiple benefits to your sleep. With better quality sleep, you rest better and wake up fully refreshed and recharged, in mind, body and health.

Kneaded from 14 types of natural mineral stones (tourmaline, dramite, chirica, erabite, bastnesite etc.) that emit positive effects of Negative-Ion and Far-Infrared rays, this special fibre is applied into each mattress to best deliver benefits to the sleeper.

Far Infrared Rays are a healthy, natural form of infrared thermal energy. Health professionals had used red infrared heat lamps for many years to treat wounds, muscle and joint ailments. Far infrared thermal rays elevate the heart rate and improved blood circulation, crucial to maintaining good health.

The combination of Simmons® Negative Ion-Fibres™ and Far Infrared Rays is the core components of the e-ION CRYSTAL™. Requiring no water, electricity or ozone, e-ION CRYSTAL™ are exceptionally beneficial to our heart and lung functions, blood circulation and metabolism. Sleeping on an e-ION CRYSTAL™ series mattress is clinically proven to provide therapeutic effects that include the reduction of fatigue, stress, mental alertness and overall better sleep.

Peace of Mind with your Simmons Investment

The Simmons® e-ION CRYSTAL™, which has certified to generate negative ions by the Japanese Cotton Spinning Association and tested by SETSCO Services Pte Ltd, one of Singapore’s largest accredited testing and inspection companies, also comes with clinical support that the negative ions it emits provide physiological benefits.

According to Professor Yoshio Machi of the Engineering Faculty of the Tokyo Denki University, subjects who wore a polyester cloth kneaded from specially processed tourmaline powder experienced an increase in blood circulation and a greater level of relaxation. The comparative study on the physiological effects of subjects who wore the tourmaline cloth and those who wore ordinary polyester cloth also found the former to have increased mental alertness due to a higher concentration of oxygen in the body.
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